Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer Gets Fixed with Fan-Edited Cartoon Reboot

May 29, 2019 by No Comments

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Sonic the Hedgehog has been pushed back to work on a redesign. However, one fan took matters into his own hands and put the popular cartoon version of the character into the controversial trailer and it looks a lot better, though it is still the exact same trailer with the same dialogue and writing. Sonic fans were not happy at all to see what the big screen adaptation had done with the look of the little blue hedgehog with his buff long legs and human teeth.

The backlash for Sonic was intense and it completely overshadowed the movie as a whole and even the work of Jim Carrey, which nobody seems to really be talking about at all anymore. The hate for the design spread so far and wide that the studio decided to go back to the drawing board to complete an overhaul on the design, which inevitably led to the movie getting pushed back. So now, we have the exact same trailer, but with the cartoon version of the character that a lot of fans know and love.

As for how the trailer looks with the cartoon version of Sonic the Hedgehog running around, it looks like the studio made it. There must have been a lot of time and effort to make it look as good as it does, even though there are some parts that are a little rough around the edges. Animator Artur Baranov went above and beyond to deliver the trailer and make it a little less scary. With that being said, Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise is still playing in the background, which really makes one wonder why they chose that particular song out of all the songs they could have chosen.

Other changes made to the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer include taking out some of Jim Carey’s lines as Dr. Robotnik, which were seen as a bit annoying to some hyper-critical fans of the franchise. And one has to wonder how long it is going to take Paramount to make all of the necessary changes to the upcoming movie. Since it didn’t take Artur Baranov that long to make his cartoon version, there may be some more work going on behind-the-scenes to the whole story, which has also been called out quite a bit from fans who are demanding even further change.

Paramount has a chance to go back and change a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog, but will it all be worth it? Before the new look was unveiled, the studio stood behind their new design of the character. However, things changed really fast once the public was able to see what they were going to be delivering to theaters. With that being said, it’s going to be very interesting to see how the movie does when it is released early next year. Until then, you can check out the fan-made version of the trailer below, thanks to Artur Baronov’s YouTube channel.

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