Rise of Skywalker Jet Trooper Unveiled at D23

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A big part of The Rise of Skywalker will be all the cool toys coming from Hasbro. And as has been the tradition with all previous Star Wars movies, this final sequel in the Skywalker saga will be introducing a few new Stormtroopers to the action figure line-up. Earlier this year, just before Comic-Con kicked off in San Diego, we got a look at the Sith Trooper, clad in bright red armor and said to service Supreme Leader Ren. Now we have our look at the second trooper being added to the mix. Meet the Jet trooper.

Called a Jet Trooper, we’d assume this warrior would have a jet pack like Boba Fett. And that appears to be correct, though it is not immediately noticeable in this image. Disney released an official look at the latest addition to the First Order. They say this about the Jet Trooper.

” Equipped with a rocket pack and a slim and sleek new white helmet, the jet trooper from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has soared into D23 Expo 2019, the latest addition to Lucasfilm’s exhibit tracing the evolution of the iconic Star Wars soldiers.”

Those attending D23 this weekend were amongst the first to get a good look at the Jet Trooper. The armor on display was actually used in the movie, and the troopers aren’t completely CGI. Lucasfilm brought a total of 10 Stormtroopers spanning the entire 11 movie saga, including the Sith Trooper, which was also on display at Comic-Con. Lucasfilm’s collections and exhibitions archivist Madlyn Burkert was on hand to offer the finite details about this soldier.

“The specialized First Order jet trooper is a unique design that incorporates nods to original trilogy concept artist Ralph McQuarrie and the fearsome death troopers from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While the Mandalorian armor favored by Jango Fett and Boba Fett featured a jet pack, this version is actually part of the body armor sculpt.”

Burkert went onto describe why the new warrior for the First Resistance is called a Jet Trooper.

“The jet pack is implemented as part of the armor, which is a bit unique. The weight of the jet pack requires some pretty heavy duty hardware.To account for the added mass of the hefty back piece, actors on set had to be fastened into the armor using Phillips-head screws instead of other means.”

This was a ritual that was followed on the floor of D23 when Burkert and her team dressed the mannequins for display. She goes onto say this about the design.

“The helmet design owes some of its aesthetic to the evolution of the death trooper by armor designer Glyn Dillon working under costume designer Michael Kaplan, while eagle-eyed fans of McQuarrie’s vivid concept paintings may sense something familiar about the black insignia on the chest plate. Indeed, the jet trooper sports a graphical element similar to an emblem that was first seen on McQuarrie’s concept of the gleaming white snowtrooper armor from The Empire Strikes Back. And the back of the shin and forearm armor pieces each contain a small protrusion like a fin, a departure from the typical stormtrooper fatigues. It gives you that feeling of flight. That’s definitely very unique to the jet trooper.”

The Jet Trooper was on display through the entire D23 weekend, with fans getting a chance to check out the armor through Sunday. Today, we got our look at the new footage from The Rise of Skywalker that was shown off during the expo. You can check out the images here direct from StarWars.com Associate Editor Kristin Baver.

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