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One of the original villains in Star Wars 9 has been revealed, thanks to newly leaked concept art. Colin Trevorrow’s original script for Episode IX reportedly leaked last week, giving fans an idea of what could have been had Trevorrow stuck on board. For many Star Wars fans, the leaked script is proving to be superior, though this leaked concept art may prove otherwise. With that being said, it seems to validate the leak as a whole.

Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars 9 had Duel of the Fates as its working title and it is quite different from The Rise of Skywalker. While Trevorrow has said that he had no intention of bringing Emperor Palpatine back, he was going to have the iconic villain make a small appearance via hologram. This brings us to one of the original villains the director had in the movie, whose name is Tor Valum. Thanks to the leaked concept art, we now have a visual to go along with the initial script.

Tor Valum is a Sith Master, who trained Emperor Palpatine. In Colin Trevorrow’s version of The Rise of Skywalker, Kylo Ren was going to be on Mustafar, hunting for a holocron that Palpatine left for Darth Vader to find. This would have to have taken place before Vader killed Palpatine to save Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi. In the holocron is a message to Vader to finish his training with Tor Valum in an effort to beat Luke Skywalker once and for all. In the script, the villain is described as “non-human and Lovecraftian,” which is certainly what is going on here, though not nearly as creepy as one would think.

Instead, the Star Wars 9 concept art finds Tor Valum looking like a rather goofy spider perched on what appears to be an animal carcass. While Star Wars fans may have been intrigued as to what Tor Valum looked like, this may shatter the illusion and make certain aspects from The Rise of Skywalker seem almost genius. With that being said, this is only concept art and this very well could be a first pass design at the character who never even made it to the big screen.

It appears that the idea was to have Kylo Ren head to Mustafar right from the start, even when Colin Trevorrow was on board. While this is a great idea, it would have been nice if it was explicitly explained that this is where Kylo Ren was heading in The Rise of Skywalker, instead of leaving fans to guess where the villain was off to. Regardless, there are now debates as to which story was better between J.J. Abrams and Trevorrow. Since everything is new, there are lot of people leaning towards Trevorrow’s. You can check out the leaked Star Wars 9 concept art below, thanks to the Reylo and Amy Twitter account.


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