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Now that the Skywalker saga has wrapped up with Disney’s The Rise of Skywalker, fans are looking into a galaxy far, far and away and wondering what might come next. Well, in steps Star Wars: The Old Republic fan-made trailer depicting the much-loved actor Keanu Reeves as fan-favorite character Darth Revan, and, frankly, Disney would be mad not to press ahead with this idea.

With the Keanu Reeves Revolution still in full swing, and hopefully carrying over long into 2020, adding him to one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history simply makes too much sense. This trailer for The Old Republic, from Youtuber stryder HD, uses footage from other fan-made trailers, video games and footage and quotes from the likes of 47 Ronin and Constantine to create one fine looking Star Wars movie.

Accompanying the trailer, stryder HD wrote the following description, which sums up a lot of people’s feelings towards the Star Wars series after the mixed reception to the Disney trilogy.

“Wouldn’t it be excellent to see #KeanuReeves take the character of #Revan and go back to #TheOldRepublic and deliver an amazing performance! I would love to see this after the very mixed reviews of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. I believe seeing this movie come to life would get back all of the lost Star Wars fans, at least fans of the main storyline, and bring them back to the universe in a very positive way. Enjoy my fully fake concept trailer for what this could look like.”

Hard to disagree with them, really. The character of Darth Revan first appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and as a former Jedi with a mysterious past, his story is rich with big or small screen potential. The trailer has already gotten traction on social media, with many Star Wars fans praying that Disney takes notice.

“Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan you say #DarthRevan.”

“Can we please get Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan in a old republic movie or tv series.”

Many fans could not agree more with the suggestion that a Keanu Reeves lead Darth Revan movie is the only thing that can save the franchise after the largely disappointing Rise of Skywalker.

“only Keanu Reeves can save the #StarWars franchise nowbut I guess Disney will find a new way to ruin it instead#RiseOfTheSkywalker.”

For now though, Lucasfilm is taking a hiatus on the Star Wars movie front, so it is anyone’s guess what could be coming next. There was a recent rumor that the next movie could be set in the High Republic Era, as well as Rian Johnson’s supposed trilogy still being on the cards, but at this stage it seems everyone just wants to see Reeves as Revan. This comes to us from Stryder HD’s Youtube channel.

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