Dr. Dresses Up As Chewbacca To Deliver Good News To Pediatric Patient

To be a doctor is a noble profession, but when you are a doctor who truly cares about your patients, you are an angel of God. God has given each of us our vocations and those who are chosen to be healers have been entrusted with the well being of others. As a doctor, you have a special gift to make others healthy again and when done with compassion you bring praises to God. Treating young children who are very ill can be heart-wrenching, but some doctors dedicate their lives to giving these little patients hope. One little boy at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago found out in the most beautiful way what a wonderful doctor he had.

The child had a heart condition and needed a transplant. When a heart was finally available, the doctor decided to give the boy more than just the good news, he decided to give him a big surprise. While sitting in his hospital bed, the young boy heard a Wookie call from the hallway. The unmistakable cry of Chewbacca from Star Wars caught the little man’s attention and he stared at the door.

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