Daisy Ridley Doesn’t Think Disgruntled Star Wars Fans Need to Be So Vicious

July 18, 2019 by No Comments

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Daisy Ridley wishes Star Wars fans would have a more positive discussion revolving around the iconic franchise. 2015’s The Force Awakens came out in a new era for social media and sharing opinions. While the movie was mostly well-received by long-time fans and newcomers alike, there have been more than a few diehards online who continually bash the new sequel trilogy and everything about it. The Last Jedi has become arguably the most divisive movie in the franchise’s long history. With that being said, Ridley doesn’t have time for the negativity.

The Rise of Skywalker is set to hit theaters at the end of the year and the Fandom Menace led by people like Jeremy at Geeks and Gamers and Uncle Ethan Van Sciver at Comic Artist Pro Secrets, are already having a field day with it. Daisy Ridley is all for fans sharing their opinions and their passion about the Star Warsfranchise, but she believes there’s another way to go about it. When it comes down to it, the actress wishes people would be less “vicious.” She explains.

“It’s great that people are expressive of their views. But this is people’s jobs. People worked really, really hard on that thing. I think there’s a way of having a discussion that isn’t so vicious.”

Daisy Ridley left social media after sharing an anti-gun post and getting attacked by thousands of people. The online platforms became too toxic for her and the same thing happened with her Rise of Skywalker co-star Kelly Marie Tran. However, the actress believes that it goes both ways, noting there is a, “God complex that some people have,” when posting things on social media and getting positive reinforcement from gaining followers and “likes.” In the end, she decided to leave it all behind and focus on her work.

The Rise of Skywalker is going to be the final movie in the Skywalker saga and could very well be the end of the line for Daisy Ridley too. She has already confirmed she won’t have any part in Rian Johnson’s upcoming trilogy or D.B. Weiss and David Benioff’s trilogy either. Ridley has to be pretty exhausted after spending so much time with the franchise and trying to keep fans happy. It’s not an easy job and it will probably be a relief when the promotional tour for the movie is complete.

The Star Wars fandom is pretty polarized and all over the place at the moment and it has been since its inception. The dark side continues to win over the light in some instances. J.J. Abrams was not kidding when he compared the fandom to religion when Daisy Ridley was getting ready to sign up for the part. Back when the original movies hit theaters, fans would have to take out a piece of paper, a writing utensil or typewriter, an envelope, and a stamp to comment on a movie. Now, one only needs an internet connection, thumbs, and a few seconds, which allows negativity to spread a lot faster. Especially when you are hammering those thoughts home with big giant hammer-toe thumbs. Bustle originally conducted the interview with Daisy Ridley.

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