Adam Driver Returns as Kylo Ren in Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now SNL Sketch

January 26, 2020 by No Comments

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Adam Driver stepped on stage to host Saturday Night Live once again last night. Driver’s first time on the show gave Star Wars fans a look at Kylo Ren that they never thought they’d ever see during the Undercover Boss parody and it quickly went viral. Taking advantage of having Driver back for a third time, the writers knew they had to revisit the sketch, especially since The Rise of Skywalker is currently out in theaters.

In the new Undercover Boss SNL sketch, we see Adam Driver as Kylo Ren preparing to get a new look at The First Order. As the sketch tells us, Ren has been through quite a bit since the last time we saw him on the show, including killing his father, chopping Snoke in half, and firing on his mother’s ship. Now, he has a lot going on emotionally as he tries to track down Rey. He says, “I’ve been a little distracted by some personal drama.” Right from the start, one can tell that SNL made a wise decision to bring Driver back to the sketch.

Watching Kylo Ren, as Randy this time around, try to relate to his First Order underlings by saying, “ok, boomer,” or destroying printers with the Force is all pretty funny. However, this episode of Undercover Boss finds The First Order finding out that it’s really Kylo Ren really quick, especially when he murders an admiral and later a hopeful TIE Fighter pilot. The wannabe pilot is killed because she wants to be like Luke Skywalker, which Ren doesn’t like. “And now you’ll die like him, too. OK boomer?,” he says.

While Adam Driver delivers a funny performance, it’s incredibly hard to live in the shadow of Matt the Radar Technician. Driver first appeared on Saturday Night Live back in 2016 and the Star Wars sketch was everywhere after the show originally aired. It should be noted that Matt the Radar Technician also blew his cover fairly early on when he procured Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber. Since then, Matt has been included in hundreds of memes and is even included in video game mods. Matt may still have the edge over the newly introduced Randy character.

The Rise of Skywalker saw Adam Driver back as Kylo Ren for what one assumes to be the final time. While the movie, like all of the installments under the Disney umbrella, has been divisive, Driver’s performance, along with Daisy Ridley’s and the rest of the main cast, has been praised. Even when doing sketches or his opening monologue on SNL, Driver brings his acting chops and makes Randy or Matt the Radar Technician spring to life in an almost too believable way. Now, there will more than likely be Star Wars fans who will try and pit Randy and Matt up against each other. You can check out both sketches, thanks to the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel.

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